Secure Inmate Transport, founded in 2021, is a nationwide inmate transport service owned by Brad Parnell. Parnell is founder and owner of multiple Arkansas-based companies, including First Arkansas Bail Bonds. 

Help Where It's Needed....As a key individual in the industry for 30+ years, Parnell has formed long-time relationships with Arkansas law enforcement entities. The need for more affordable inmate transport, that did not sacrifice security, was evident. Government agencies are already stretched thin financially, and this service frees up time, money and government employees to better serve their own communities. 

Experience Pays.... Parnell also has access to the very best employees, with invaluable experience in the industry. These are ideal candidates to drive and oversee these inmates. Our company employees full and part-time law enforcement officers in their off time starting at $25.00 per hour for drivers. If interested please click on the Drivers/Employment Opportunities tab, send us an email or call anytime.  

Secure Inmate Transport adheres to the Dangerous Criminals Act of 2000, which governs the interstate transportation of inmates throughout the United States. We are fully licensed and insured and follow the U.S. Department of Justice Statutes and Regulations concerning the private transport of prisoners.

Private prisoner transportation companies are governed by 34 USC 60103 known as 'Jenna‚Äôs Act.' The act and accompanying regulations require:

  • Minimum standards for background checks and pre-employment drug testing for potential employees to disqualify persons with a felony conviction or domestic violence conviction.
  • Minimum standards for the length and type of training that employees must undergo before transporting prisoners, not to exceed 100 hours of pre-service training focusing on the transportation of prisoners. Training shall be in the areas of restraint use, searches, use of force, including the use of appropriate weapons and firearms, CPR, map reading, and defensive driving.
  • Restrictions on the number of hours that employees can be on duty during a given period of time. Such restrictions shall not be more stringent than current applicable rules and regulations concerning hours of service promulgated under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act.
  • The officer to prisoner ratio cannot exceed 1 agent for every 6 violent prisoners.
  • Minimum standards for employee uniforms and identification that require wearing a uniform with a badge or insignia identifying the employee as a transportation officer.
  • Minimum requirements for the restraints that must be used when transporting violent prisoners, to include leg shackles and double-locked handcuffs, when appropriate.

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US-DOT No 3738337